Dr Sarah Scharf's Adjusting Hours
Monday 3:30pm - 6pm
Tuesday 8:00am - 10:30am
Wednesday 3:30pm - 6pm
Thursday 8:00am - 10:30am
New patients are seen before and after these hours and from 9am-12pm on Fridays.

Massage Hours:
Monday 10am - noon/1pm - 4pm
Tuesday 10am - noon/1pm - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - noon/4pm - 6pm
Thursday 10am - noon/2pm - 6pm

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Success Stories

"All is right with the world inside the Flourish Studio and under the hands of Dr. Scharf.

Dr. Scharf is part of a gestault that heals from the inside out, circles all around and enters back inside your body in much better shape to receive wellness.The touch, the tempermant and the ability are a winning combo to put anyone on the road to wellness. As a medical professional, I am obviously familiar with traditional western medicine and I am also familiar with chiropractic care. Dr. Scharf is the blend of a mindful professional who takes all things into consideration when offering her expertise."

—Jennifer H.

"Everything about Flourish Chiropractic Studio promotes health and wholeness. The studio environment is inviting, peaceful and warm. Dr. Sarah Scharf takes her time with each person and gets to know you and your body. She is knowledgeable and truly talented at listening to the body so each adjustment is slow and exactly for what is happening right then and there. She has helped me so much that I recommend her to all of my clients, from the skeptical to the fearful. Sarah is consistently kind and welcoming and will speak her professional opinion honestly and give you tools to promote your own healing. A great gift to San Anselmo!"

—Jeannie L.

"I began seeing Dr. Sarah Scharf after stress and complicated grief began impacting my physical health - actually it had been impacting me for several years but went unrecognized. I have always utilized traditional Western medicine treatment as ailments arose, and wanted to try something different.

The Flourish studio is incredibly relaxing, and everyone is so incredibly nice and welcoming! I immediately felt at ease and opened up to Sarah during my initial evaluation. I must admit, though I thought chiropractic medicine would help with some neck pain and headaches, I was skeptical that it would do anything for me emotionally - I was wrong! We came up with a care plan together and over a period of several months, I came to realize the significance of the mind/body connection and recognized this was something really positive I was doing for myself.

Sarah has always made me feel empowered to make changes in my life, and with gentle encouragement - through chiropractic manipulation as well as words - has worked with me to promote healing. Clearing out some of the negative energy, I feel more equipped to handle stress in my life, deal with my grief, and make positive choices for my health and well-being.

Were it not for Sarah, I'd still be muddling through every day of my life."

—Erin H.

"Because of scheduling factors and my particular health issues I started working with Dr. Sarah. What a find! She is awesome, warm, nurturing, confident in her adjustments, and most importantly, she seems to know exactly what to do to get my body feeling better. I couldn't ask for better chiropractic care, and feel really grateful to have taken the chance of trying Flourish out. The whole office is friendly, professional and really seems eager to make my experience at Flourish a good one.

I'm looking forward to trying out a massage with their in-house therapist, because if they are anywhere near the quality of the chiropractic care, I know I'm in for a great experience! Thanks Sarah and team for your great work."

—Heather V.

"During my 36 week of pregnancy, my baby girl turned breech. Not wanting much medical intervention, I began seeing Dr. Sarah Scharf, who preformed a full array of chiropractic techniques open up my pelvic area, and gratefully, my little one went head down a few days before week 38. She was delivered a couple weeks later after a natural, complication free labor. I am so grateful so Sarah, as I feel she was instrumental in providing my daughter a peaceful birth. Her sensitivity, intuitiveness and sense of humor are combined perfectly with her expertise and professionalism. Her chiropractic office is like an oasis, very peaceful and healing. I am confident in recommending Sarah to anyone interested in changing their body, and, in turn, their life. She continues to work on my entire family, including my four month old. She is truly gifted."

—Christie W.

"I walked into Flourish a few weeks after moving to San Anselmo (from the east coast) and told Sandy (one of the receptionists) that I was chiropractor hunting. Another client was putting her shoes back on in the waiting room and told me I could stop looking, I wasn't going to find anywhere more wonderful than this. She was absolutely right.

The entire staff has been kind, helpful, and clearly invested in the health and care of all of their clients. The massage therapy is amazing (Kevin is incredibly gifted), my appointments are always started on time and I feel well-attended to every time I leave.

And I can't say enough good about Sarah. She has taken excellent care of me, and is invested in my healing well beyond a simple adjustment. She is in tune with my life, energy, and needs, and responds accordingly in her care for me. She provides all of her clients with attention, patience and care, and in an environment that is incredibly soothing. I consider Flourish foundational to my feeling at home in my new community. Thank you Flourish crew!"

—Laura L.

"Sarah is awesome. She was really there for me in a time of crisis. At 7 months pregnant my sacrum started hurting so much that I could barely walk. After two weeks of adjustments several times a week, the pain was gone and I could walk normally. Then I discovered that the baby was breech. Sarah used the Webster technique to open the pelvis so the baby could turn. I am happy to say that I am pain free, with a head-down baby getting ready to deliver!!" Thank you Sarah!!!!!!!

—Venus E.

"As a practiitoner myself, I have high standards when it comes to holistic healing, and somatic-centered therapies. Sarah's studio is a standard to which other centers for healing could aspire. You can expect to be greeted by a warm heart, listened to by a sharp mind, and to feel safe and supported by conscious hands...................... you can expect to be changed for the better."

—Mathew B.

"Since I began my treatments with Dr. Sarah Scharf, I have been speeding towards my ultimate healing and it is with amorous gratitude that Dr Scharfs abilities within her Chiropractic profession are at their prime to advance the hearts and souls and bodies of the people in our community of Marin. Just about every other form of Chiropractic out there is out-dated. If you are one of the fortunate ones who has come into contact with Dr. Sarah Scharf, you are truely being offered your moment in time to heal and ascend into your true self."

—Janette Jones, Owner
Marin Pilates Studio
San Anselmo

"Sarah is a true healer. In addition to locating and addressing specific issues right away in a session, the presence and attention she shows during the process is really wonderful. I always have the impression I'm being relieved of years of accumulated patterns, traumas, and learned bad habits in every session so I can live my life more fully. I truly feel cared for with chiropractic care at Flourish."

—Bonnie B.

"A little over a month ago I began a course of treatment with Dr. Sarah Scharf at Flourish Chiropractic to try and correct the many problems I have faced since I suffered a severe skydiving accident over 15 years ago. When the treatment began, I was walking with a severe limp and suffering from extreme knee pain as well as sciatica. The results I have gained from Sarah's care have been astounding. I am walking with almost no limp and the knee pain I have lived with for the past two years is gone. My range of movement has dramatically improved and the overall state of my health is better than it has been in many years. I can recommend Sarah with no reservations and the absolute conviction that she is the most effective chiropractor I have ever seen. For me, she has been nothing less than a miracle worker."

—Richard C.

As a first time chiropractic patient, I had lots of questions and concerns. I was a bit apprehensive about chiropractic and spoke with several different chiropractors. Dr. Scharf's philosophy really resonated with me. She patiently answered my questions and did a thorough health history evaluation. Her warm, professional persona and the her beautiful studio space really put me at ease. She takes the time to understand your patterns and your goals and does excellent adjustments, challenging while meeting you where you are. I'm really excited by the progress I've made under her care. The improvements to my posture and stress level are both quite noticeable . I'd highly recommend Flourish.

—David S.

"Really didn't even think I needed chiropractic. I went in for a consultation, to check things out ya know, but I was immediately hooked. I was having minor neck pain which was my main reason for going in. Well, Sarah gives you more than you ask for in a WONDERFUL way. My body just was loosening up in places I didn't think were stuck. And my overall health just seemed to line up in many ways; it was the link that was missing if that makes sense. Anyway, Sarah is super professional, a great educator if you have ANY questions, and she is wonderfully compassionate. I wanted to lay on that table so I could be called those sweet names. Thanks Sarah for forever being a part of my healing process."

—Stacy T.

"I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for as long as I can remember... which means I literally cannot remember the last time I was able to rotate my head in a full circle without pain. After just two sessions with Dr. Jesse, I was able to feel significant changes in that particular part of my body and now over two months later, my neck and shoulder pain is almost completely gone. I have also seen other benefits from working with Dr. Jesse, increased energy, awareness of my body mechanics, creativity, and overall well-being. I will certainly continue to see him; this work is invaluable."

—Sarah H.

"Dr. Jesse Morris truly has the gift of healing touch. The first time I got an adjustment from him, I quite literally broke into laughter and tears at the same time. Not only did he release some physical tension, but also helped unravel the emotional tension beneath it.

Ever since, I try to see him regularly."

—Jeffrey W.

"Jesse is not only a beautiful being, but a very talented chiropractor. He is intuitive and sensitive, can feel where I'm at physically and emotionally, which is important in any field of healing. He not only adjusts the physical side of the issue, but all of the energetic work involved as well, (a splendid surprise in the western medical world!) with precision and grace. I would recommend anyone to experience his incredible body work."

—Odey B.

"Jesse Morris is more than just a chiropractor; he is a doctor of light, love, and body-wisdom. His years of study combined with a depth of Intuition, Energy Awareness, and Insight that have astonished me repeatedly create a chiropractic experience that will nurture your body, mind and spirit.

When I receive bodywork of any kind, I select practitioners who I see are embodied -- who are comfortable with their bodies and move with ease and grace. I have seen and sensed all of these things in Jesse.

He will only get better and better as his practice grows and I encourage you to be part of that expansion. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!"

—Claire R.

"I take my chiropractic seriously. By that I mean that I get an adjustment several times a month. After years of bi-weekly visits, and now having worked with a number of practitioners, I can confidently say that Dr. Jesse has a GIFT.

He strikes an amazing balance between gentle and forceful, and just seems to have a sixth sense about how all your muscles and joints fit together. Just tell him what hurts, and he can pretty quickly identify the root cause.

The really awesome part, though, is the adjustment itself. He isolates the tight spot in your tricep, or your imbalanced sacrum, or the series of pinched neck and shoulder muscles that is causing you jaw pain, and hones in on it. With precision and persistence.

For those of you who are less familiar with chiropractic, this, in my opinion, is key. There are chiropractors out there who will crack your entire neck -- once in each direction -- and then send you packing. I've been to a couple of those. That sort of thing is way too invasive, it's just cutting corners, and luckily it's the opposite of what Jesse does.

Jesse can focus in on one vertebra in your neck, and pop that sucker back into place. Just that one vertebra! I don't know what he does. It's like a dart, suspending gracefully in the air, before going into the bulls-eye. I digress, but if you ever figure it out, tell me how he does it.

He also does incredible deep tissue work, and if you like to incorporate yoga-inspired breathwork into your adjustment (which I do), he can do that too. He uses a variety of techniques, and customizes each visit to what you need that day (as opposed to going through the same motions each time).

My work involves the stock market, and for years I have spent more than 10 hours a day at a desk with a computer. As a result, I have built-up pain in my mouse arm that wraps around my shoulder blade to my elbow. I also hold a fair amount of stress in my shoulders, neck and jaw. Regular chiropractic treatment is one of the things I seek in order to maintain good health and well-being.

Dr. Jesse has played an important role in my health. He has a lot of integrity and truly cares about helping his patients. Even more importantly, though, he gives damn good adjustments!"

—Jill K.

"Knowledge, skill & intuition are clearly abundant in his healing methods. His sincere energy is easily felt and put me at ease in a situation where I'm typically a bit anxious. And he was able to pinpoint where my body most needed adjustment...without my telling him. Dr. Jesse Morris changed my view of chiropractic medicine...for the better!"

—E. D.

"Jesse adjusted my neck in a way that felt- there's no other way to say it- profound. My neck had not felt that good and elongated since I was a kid! He is gentle and professional and unusually insightful. I've been to a few different chiropractors over the years; Jesse is the best by orders of magnitude. Enjoy!"

—Heather C.

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